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Leadership Team, Finance Committees and Pastoral Councils

Called to Serve:  Discerning our Course in Christ

Members of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary and St. Leo Churches are called to serve their brothers and sisters in the parishes by serving on the Finance Committee and the Pastoral Councils.  The purpose of these two groups is to support the pastor as he shepherds the flock.

Leadership Team

Fr. Paul Gousse

Steve Jensen

Kevin Gauthier

Marianne Bruneau

Ann MacGregor


Finance Committee Members

The Finance Committees meet several times a year.  They are responsible for drawing up a parish budget under the oversight of the pastor, administrative assistant, and the bookkeeper.

Annual Financial Report  July 1st, 2017- June 30th, 2018

Quarterly Financial Statement July 2018 – September 2018

St. Leo Church Finance Committee Members

Christine McGraw

Pat Grassie

Carolyn Gregoire

Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Finance Committee

Robert Fletcher

Priscilla Potvin

Sis Gagne

Pastoral Councils  (Under Construction: Photos and Updated Information to come soon!)

Those charged to be members of the Pastoral Councils of each church are called to a discernment of the will of God.  Pastoral Councils meet with the pastor several times a year to attend to the spiritual and faith formation needs of the parish as well as other practical matters.  Through prayer and discussion the “team” helps the pastor by offering feedback and inspiration.

St. Leo Church Pastoral Council

Marty Perreault

Monica Sirois

Pat Grassie

Paul Ramsey

Brad Trafton

Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Pastoral Council

Steve Jensen

Tracey Collopy

Polly Hurlbert

Kevin Gauthier

Robert Comeau

Jackie Morganti

Marianne Bruneau

Jeanne Marie Stanley

Ann MacGregor

Marni Spewock

Troy Jennings


Deacon Steve ex officio

Fr. Paul Gousse ex officio




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