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Holy Rosary Cemetery – Mount Calvary Cemetery
 189 N Main St
Rochester, NH 03867
Office: 603-332-1863      FAX: 603-330-0865


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Internment Fees

Weekday Saturday
Full Burial $700.00 $800.00
Cremains $350.00 $450.00

No Burials on Sunday and Holidays


Tomb Fee

If interred outside of Parish Cemeteries $100.00

Lots and Other Charges

Price per Grave $800.00
Price per Cremains Lot (2 Burial Sites) $700.00
Accommodation Fee $600.00

Other Services

Disinterment/Reburial in Cemetery $2000.00
Disinterment out of Parish Cemeteries $1200.00
Removal or Transfer of Cremains $500.00
Foundation & Installation of Veterans Marker $100.00


Burial Permits must accompany the body at the  time of interment or burial will be refused.

The management reserves the right at all times to approve or prescribe in kind, size, design, symbolism, craftsmanship, quality and material of memorials, inscriptions, monuments, or the markers place or to be placed in either cemetery. All memorials are subject to the  approval of the management prior to placement. Such acceptance or rejection shall be based upon such approval.

(Cemetery Bylaws, Article 20B, Page 12)


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Mount Calvary Cemetery
Holy Rosary Cemetery

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By-Laws | Cemetery Home | Map | Contact Us

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