St. Jerome Library

The St. Jerome Library Mission Statement:   To assist our parish family on their faith journey by maintaining resources conducive to the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Why the name St. Jerome?    St. Jerome is an Early Church Father, Doctor of the Church and a contemporary of St. Augustine. His library became one of the most famous in the world and he copied most of the books himself. When he was forty years old he copied the New Testament into Latin, then he copied the Old Testament. St. Jerome was known to say “Ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ.”  Want to know more about our patron?  Visit Catholic Online’s page about him here.

We invite you to visit our parish library located downstairs in the Parish Center. The library is open after all weekend Masses. There are thousands of items such as books, CDs, videos and DVDs for all ages.  Some of the topics include Spiritual Classics, Saints, Marian, Apologetics, Catholic Family, Prayer and Devotions, Sacraments, Church History, Theology, Sacred Scripture and Children and Teens.

St. Jerome Library Conference Table

We gladly accept donations and suggestions for materials.

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