Infant Baptism and Baptism Training

To be a New Creation; to be a Child of God

“Holy Baptism is the basis of the whole Christian life, the gateway to life in the Spirit, and the door which gives access to the other sacraments. Through Baptism we are freed from sin and reborn as sons and daughters of God; we become members of Christ, are incorporated into the Church and made sharers in her mission…”  Catechism of the Catholic Church 1213  To learn of Adult Baptism, click here.

 The Sacrament of Baptism makes us sharers in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ  and initiates us into the membership of the Church. The first question asked in the baptism liturgy is addressed to the parents and reminds us of the fact that infant baptism is a decision of the parents. This decision should arise out of a serious reflection about your commitment to the Christian life. Baptism is not an isolated event–it is an expression of your faith and a commitment on your part to raise your child in the Catholic Faith Community.   The focus is as much on you as it is on the child.

As a parent, you want to consecrate your child to God and ask for God’s protection and guidance over your child to be happy healthy followers of the Christian faith.  This faith is not magically sprinkled over your child at Baptism.  Your child will learn about the ways of God through your own faith and actions.  That is why it is so important for parents to practice their faith by going to Church every Sunday and developing a prayer life in your own home.  When your child sees you turn to God each day, he or she will do the same.

To View a Real Baptism and Teaching, Watch the Video


What are the rules for choosing Godparents?

Each child must have a Catholic Godparent who has received the three Sacraments of Initiation (Baptism, Eucharist and Confirmation) and is actively practicing their faith. There is usually a second Godparent who is Catholic; however, you may choose a practicing member of a Christian denomination other than Catholic.  In this case, Catholics would call this person a sponsor.

Since a Godparent is meant to be a spiritual guide and support in the Christian faith, those who are not Christian cannot actually fulfill the role. Although they may be wonderful and spiritual individuals, persons of faith communities which do not recognize Jesus Christ as God and profess a belief in a Trinitarian God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) are unable to function as Godparents.

If either or both of the Godparents are unable to attend the Baptism, a proxy may be named to stand in during the ceremony.


What are the Necessary  Steps?

All families should be registered in the parish for three months before beginning the Baptismal process. Couples seeking Baptism for their child are asked to call the rectory as the first step. We will gather basic information regarding your child. You will then be contacted by a member of the parish to set up a Baptismal class for parents to attend. After the class is completed, the facilitator will notify the rectory. The rectory will call and set up your child’s Baptism.  If you are interested in registering or desire more information.

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