Stewardship and Donations

Giving of our Time, Talent, and Treasure

All we have has been given to us from God.  As a Catholic, we are called to return these gifts to God through generosity for the building up of the Kingdom of God here on earth.  In our parishes there are many opportunities for parishioners to “give back” to God in a spirit of gratitude.  Whether it is to be working in Ministry  using our time and talent or by using the material wealth allotted to us by our gracious God, we are all called to give back.

Parish Financial Support

Our parishes operate on a yearly balanced budget system, thus it is important for the pastor and finance committees to have a sense of what the income for the year will be.  To that purpose, the finance committee encourages all parishioners to use one of two systems for their monetary giving:  the older envelope system or the newer Electronic Funds Transfer.


Benefits of EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer)

In this system parishioners are able to use direct withdrawal of funds from an account on a regular basis which is transferred to the church account.  Along with the usual benefits, this also allows the church to track sacrificial giving for tax purposes.

How do I sign up? For an EFT form, please contact Connie at the office.  603-332-1863 or

Benefits of the Envelope System

In this system parishioners are given a box of dated envelopes with which to offer their monetary gifts.  This allows the finance committee to assess what the yearly income from parishioners might be.  Another benefit of this system is to act as a reminder if one should attend holy mass at a different parish on any given weekend.  For those who wish to be granted a subsidy for their children’s attendance in a Catholic School, it is necessary to use either this system or the EFT.  Finally, using the envelopes allows the office staff to document sacrificial giving for the purpose of tax deductions.


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