Marriage Enrichment

Renewing the Covenant

Renee and Nat Goodspeed renewing their vows with Fr. Paul in Church

Renewing their marriage vows on their 30th Wedding Anniversary

Today’s society often takes a toll on the covenant of marriage.  Stresses from job, finances, children and just life in general can often come between husbands and wives.  One way to counter-act those negative influences is to do something for your marriage.  It’s always    good to remember that a marriage needs to be nurtured.   Some ways you can nurture your marriage:





Connie and Norbie Hamann in church receiving a blessing from Fr. Paul on their 50th wedding anniversary

Connie and Norby Hamann receive a blessing on their 50th Wedding Anniversary

1.  Make a Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend to deepen your communication, strengthen your relationship, rekindle your romance and renew your sacrament.  The next Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend in New England is April 27-29.

2.  Monitor the Vita Nova website for marriage enrichment days.

    • Testimonial:  Taking the Marriage Enrichment class allowed us to have a deeper understanding of what it means to be part of a Catholic Marriage and it helped in our journey towards a marriage that values Christ first. Erik and I enjoyed having a chance to meet other Catholic couples who shared similar beliefs and we feel that the connections that we made will last long pass the class. It is nice to know that other families are working towards strengthening their marriage and their connections to the church as well.


4.  If your marriage is in need of healing, consider attending a Retrouvaille Program.

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