Life in the Sprirt

Renewing the flame of the Holy Spirit  Praising God with Music

Since the early years of the Charismatic Renewal (late 1960’s) the Life in the Spirit Seminars have been a source of help and inspiration to those seeking new life in Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit.  Tapping into the sacramental graces of our Christian Baptism and Confirmation, participants are helped to come to a deeper experience of the Person of Jesus and stirring of the Holy Spirit – a kind of personal ‘Pentecost’ experience.

Our Seminars are held in a weekend format beginning on Friday evening.  Registration at 6:30 evening ending at 9:00 pm; Saturday 9-9, and Sunday 9-1 pm.  The weekend scheduled includes attendance at the weekend mass and the opportunity for Reconciliation.  All supplies and light meals are provided for the entire weekend at a minimal cost ($25).   If the fee constitutes a difficulty, please contact us anyway and arrangements will be made.

Our weekends are sponsored by the Mercy of Jesus Charismatic Prayer Group.


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