Holy Rosary Greeters’ Schedule

What is a greeter?

The main goal of the Greeter is to generate a feeling of warmth and welcome in the people as they arrive for Mass as well as to create a sense of community in worship.  The parishioner who feels welcomed and valued is much more likely to enter wholeheartedly into the celebration of the liturgy.

A second significant goal should be to send the parishioner on his or her way with the bulletin and wishes for a good week.  A positive “see you next week” type of comment goes a long way in encouraging the parishioner to return to Mass the next weekend.

One secondary goal of the Greeter should be to look for parishioners with special needs such as the elderly, the disabled, etc., and make sure they are taken care of during Mass.  If you sense that someone is new to the church, offer them suggestions for where the restrooms are, where the “Mothers’ Room” is and ask them if they need any other information.

By creating a welcoming environment for parishioners as they enter and leave the church, the effective greeter encourages all parishioners to fully participate in the liturgy and look forward to returning.  Your role as a Greeter is important and your presence whenever you are assigned is essential.

Get in Touch

If you believe that the Lord is calling you to this ministry or if you have any questions please contact us.