Most Merciful Heart of Jesus Perpetual Adoration Chapel

Mother to be in prayer

Mother praying the rosary beneath the crucifix in the adoration chapel

Mother to be in prayer

Come Adore & Be Transformed:  Be with Jesus in the Most Merciful Heart of Jesus Perpetual Adoration Chapel.


Act of Adoration and Reparation to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament


I  ADORE Thee profoundly, O my Jesus, in Thy sacramental form; I acknowledge Thee to be true God and true Man,

and by this Act of Adoration I intend to atone for the coldness of so many Christians who pass before Thy churches and

sometimes before the very Tabernacle in which  Thou art pleased to remain at all hours with loving impatience to give Thyself

to Thy faithful people, and do not so much as bend the knee before Thee, and who, by their indifference proclaim that they grow weary of this heavenly manna, like the people of Israel in the wilderness. 

I offer Thee in reparation for this grievous negligence, the Most Precious Blood which Thou didst shed from Thy five wounds, and especially from Thy sacred side, and entering therein, I repeat a thousand times with true recollection of spirit:

O Sacrament Most Holy!

O Sacrament Divine!

All praise and all Thanksgiving

be every moment Thine!




Regular Adorers are asked to please contact their Day Captain when unable to make their scheduled hour.

Day Captains


 C/O  Polly Hurlburt  L – 603-948-2703  C – 609-402-8814


 Diane Felts  603-923-9691


 Sandra Comeau  603-817-2709


 C/O Polly Hurlburt  L – 603-948-2703  C – 609-402-8814


 Paul Drelick  603-335-4096


Merlin Clickman  603-335-1243


 Gabriella Roussos  603-534-4800


Young child kneeling before the Blessed Sacrament in the Adoration Chapel

Coming to Christ in Adoration

Regular adorers are needed, especially for night owl hours.  Click here for updates.

If you have not yet committed to a regular hour before the Blessed Sacrament and would like to do so,

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