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The Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Arts & Environment Committee is a dedicated team of active individuals and families who minister in our Church by  transforming the Worship Space into a place of beauty and transcendence in tandem with the Liturgical Year.  With the changing of the Church seasons, so too must our Worship Space change. Families are encouraged to participate especially for the high holy seasons such as Easter and Christmas when there is much work to be done and when children will be lead to feel the mystery about to be experienced.

What we do…

Prior to the change of the liturgical season, the Committee meets in the church, usually in the early evening.  Normally, transforming the church can take anywhere from 1-3 hours of time.  Some members may work changing  altar linen while others are place or remove sacramental decorations such as banners or flowers.  Each person’s spirit and gifts add to that of the entire committee, resulting in a beautiful expression of the Church family working together for the greater glory of God.

Holy Week is our most intense season when the church is dressed and redressed throughout the week.



Am I called to this ministry?

People called to this ministry are often folks who like to be in the background–maybe too shy to be up in the front of the congregation.  The A & E committee is a wonderful way to meet other parishioners.  We can always use people who have gifts in sewing, flower arranging, and art.  Maybe you don’t feel you have these?  No problem!  There is always enough work to do that will be monitored by someone who has a gift in that area.

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Sacristans are an important part of liturgical ministry at both St. Leo Church and Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Church.  In this ministry, men and women volunteer to serve God by becoming ministers of His House, the church.  The role of a Sacristan is varied, from unlocking the church, setting up for Holy Mass, welcoming people into the sacristy, serving the lectors and servers who will be in ministry, and especially being very attentive to the needs of the priest(s) who will be celebrating the Holy Mass.  Those best suited to this ministry are warm welcoming organized people who like to work behind the scenes.  If this sounds like you, contact us!


Four women of the Alter Guild Ministry kneeling in prayer before the Tabernacle

Praying before serving, Altar Guild Members in prayer


Altar Guild Ministers

The Altar Guild was recently established at Our Lady of the Holy Rosary to help take care of the sacristy and sanctuary.  These ministers usually meet after Holy Mass on Monday and at an established time on Friday to clean and organize the holiest parts of our church.  As the liturgical seasons change, so do some of the needed tasks, from steaming cloth used for beautifying the sanctuary to polishing the sacred vessels, to cleaning globes for votive glasses.  One of the most beautiful parts of this ministry is the closeness and humility which is developed as a person literally, like Martha and Mary, waits on the needs of the Lord.  If you would like to be part of this beautiful ministry, please contact us.


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