Lifeline Against Suicide Team L.A.S.T.


Please join the Lifeline Against Suicide Team (L.A.S.T.)  The only requirement is to pray daily (a prayer of your choice) for:

  1. people who are tempted to die by suicide;
  2. people who have died by suicide;
  3. grieving families and friends of suicides


THANK YOU!  Your prayers make an  eternal difference!  God is outside of time.  St. Padre Pio said that he could just as easily pray for the happy death of his great grandmother as pray for someone dying today.  This is because God (Who knows the future) can see our future prayer and apply it to the moment of the person’s death.  God is our Infinitely Merciful Father!  He loves our beloved people more than we ever possibly could!  Prayer works miracles!