Inner Healing/Deliverance


Are You Carrying a Heaviness of Heart that impairs Your Joy?  Do You often feel Hopeless?

Often in our lives, evil spirits enter through areas of wounded-ness.  These spirits may remain undetected for years, causing physical, emotional, and spiritual sickness.  Our parishes offer individual appointments which call on the Person of Jesus to deliver the person from these spirits.  Using models of deliverance from Unbound Healing Ministries and Christian Healing Prayer, trained prayer teams are available to guide you to Freedom through the Person of Jesus Christ and the promise of your baptism.

Unbound by Neal Lozano


Prayer Appointments

Besides the monthly mass for Healing and Hope, for anyone wishing prayer at other times, contact us at the parish office.  Appointments can be scheduled with experienced teams trained in the MacNutt Christian Healing Ministries method of healing prayer or the Lozano Unbound model, based on the best-selling book by Neal Lozano, Unbound.  For more information regarding opportunities for deliverance prayer scheduled Lozano Conferences you may check Heart of the Father Ministries.

Depending on your personal needs, you will be scheduled with a team in as timely a manner as possible.


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