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The Most Merciful Heart of Jesus Perpetual Adoration Chapel List is used to allow adorers to seek substitutes for their Adoration Hour when something comes up that conflicts with their scheduled hour.

The Adorer’s Email System

November 7th 2016

Dear Adorers, While we understand that the Adorer’s Email System has proven to be very effective in disseminating urgent information, let us NOT forget the most important reason for having the Adoration Email System. The system must be used solely for the purpose of communicating Adoration related information/s such as the following:- * For Adorers to seek request for Coverage relating to their hour/s of Adoration; * For the Parish to announce important information related to the

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HRSL News is a mailing list for announcing news of interest ot parishioners of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary and St Leo Parish in Rochester, NH.

Vocations Prayer Chalice, Our Lady of the Holy Rosary & St. Leo Parishes

October 4th 2016

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