E-Resources for Growing Your Faith

St. Michael Archangel

Holy Mass Live

Bringing Faith Formation into the 21st Century

Below find a list of informative and amazing resources available to all through the world wide web.  Simply click on a link and enter the world of Faith.

Papal Documents

The Joy of the Gospel by Pope Francis

Summary of Evangelii Gaudium

Resources from Fr. Chad Ripperger, Exorcist:




The Catechism of the Catholic Church


Preparing for Sunday’s Readings:  A  Guide for Small Groups



Bible Study

America Magazine Articles

D-R Bible

Bible Bookcase (so cool!)


Catholic Bibles, Commentaries, Studies (Check it out!)

St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology  Free On-Line Bible Studies


Catholic Online Libraries — a Wealth of Knowledge for Formation and Prayer

E-Catholic 2000   An Online Community

Catholic Answers at Catholic.com

New Advent.org (Catholic Encyclopedia)

Institute of Catholic Culture (podcasts and videos with live streaming)

St. Michael’s Media (radio, podcasts, and audio)

The Vatican Library

Discerning Hearts (podcasts on prayer, Bible studies, saints)

Pillars of Catholicism (free courses from John Paul the Great University)

Catholic Evangelism (Another great reference with an impressive list of contributors such as Pope Benedict XVI and Scott Hahn)

Catholic Men Today (podcasts and teachings for the formation and mobilization of Catholic Men)


Draw Near  A Guide to the Holy Mass

How to Pray  Catholic Doors

Learning How to Pray  Beginning Catholic.com

Discerning Hearts  Prayer Room

Discerning Hearts Spiritual Formation Room

Sacred Space (Daily prayer in the Jesuit tradition)

Monks  (official site of Thomas Meton’s Gethsemani Abby, Kentucky)

Indulgences:  Prayers and Works to heal our souls


Family Life–Marriage and Parenting

Family Life Center International

Sacred Music and the Holy Mass

Air 1 Radio Station

Stations of the Cross Radio Network

The Chant Cafe