Gospel Players


If you are in 6th grade or older you are welcome to join the Gospel Players.

This year the Gospel Players hope to produce short Gospel scene videos which will be posted to the parish YouTube page.

It’s all about Coming to Christ

The Catholic Faith is all about relationship–the relationship of God with His chosen People.  As Catholics, we believe that Jesus came to re-connect us to God the Father, our Abba or Dad.  Jesus says, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.” John 14:6   As we grow to know Jesus through prayer, study, and action so too do we grow in relationship with the Father.  As Catholics, our goal is not “education,” but “formation.”  Our hearts and minds and spirits must be formed together in Christ and by Christ.

Adult Faith Formation

Adult faith formation takes many paths, some more familiar than others.  What is your passion? Learning more about the Catholic faith or seeking to join through RCIA? Coming to know the Word of God in the Bible?   Searching for healing for yourself or others?  Connecting with a small group  of believers for support and fellowship?  Attending special parish events and liturgies? Offering your time, talent, and treasure through ministry? Teaching others the faith? Whichever path you are called to take, the final destination should always be a deeper relationship with God.  Confused?  Contact us for an appointment with the pastor or pastoral minister/evangelist and we’ll try to help you sort it out.

Family Faith Formation

Single Adults and Families without Children are also most welcome to join Family Faith Formation!  God is an Infinite Subject and our minds were created to know and love Him!

Our experienced  Family Faith Formation Team will assist you in guiding your family to a deeper relationship with God, the Church, and our community.

Concerned about the safety of your child?  Our Safe Environment program is monitored both by our diocesan as well as by local staff.  Being formed in Christ means being formed for joy and peace.  What parent could ask more for their child than a life nourished and sustained by the transforming love of God?



Coming to Christ is not a motto–it is our deepest desire for you and those whom you love.


Latest News For Gospel Players

Latest News For Gospel Players