Enthronements of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Introducing the Enthronement of the Sacred Heart in Parishes - Christian Family Renewal through the Heart of JesusIcon of Our Lady of Perpetual Help holding the Baby JesusThe work of the Sacred Heart Apostolate is spreading throughout the country as we respond to invitations to conduct missions on a nationwide basis. Like marathon runners, we travel across the country going the extra mile to save the family and a world in crisis. Our missions are unique in that we reach out to individuals, families, and the parish family to show them the power of the Domestic Church once they enthrone the Sacred Heart in their midst. We also hold Catechesis Workshops to assist promoters in carrying out the Enthronements on a parish and diocesan level.

Just what is the Enthronement?

In the words of Fr. Mateo Crawley-Boevey, SS.CC., the Enthronement of the Sacred Heart means “the Official and Social recognition of the loving Kingship of the Heart of Jesus in the Christian family.”

This recognition of the Heart of Christ in our midst is not reserved just for families – but is open to individuals, parishes, communities and institutions. The Enthronement is a Way of Life. His Divine Heart is the center of attention attracting families and communities to live under the influence of HIS LOVE.

The ritual of the Enthronement is a two-fold action of installing a blessed image of the Sacred Heart and making a covenant of love with Him. Our Lord in turn will honor this covenant of love by bestowing significant graces and blessings. He told St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, “I will bless every dwelling in which an image of My Heart is both exposed and honored.”


Family Enthronement of the Sacred Heart

Why should I enthrone my home to the Sacred Heart?

The Sacred Heart Enthronement Apostolate is concerned about family spirituality and is totally in concert with the writings of our late Holy Father, Pope John Paul the Great. He describes the family as a “domestic Church” and exhorts families to become “true centers of evangelization.”

Today, families are in need, and ready to hear this message of help and hope. An ideal approach to bring this about is to hold a Parish Mission which introduces the Enthronement of the Sacred Heart. The Enthronement is a means of shielding families from the many dangers they face today and as a stepping stone toward a more personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

A goal of the Mission Team is to give families a sense of hope, sharing with them how they can take a positive action in their lives and know that Jesus is the answer to all problems. Families who elect to enter into this way of life take a positive step toward building a civilization of love, which is contrary to our current culture of death.

The Parish Mission is based on the love of the Sacred Heart which brings forth (1) all the treasures promised by Jesus, and (2) the desire of God for an intimate, loving relationship with each one of us.


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