Circles of Care

Banner with children playing that reads Child Safety Promise to Protect Pledge to Heal

 Fall Faith Formation Circles of Care

Dear Parents and Guardians:

Every Faith Formation year, safety for our children means teaching our Circles of Care program, the child’s component to Protecting God’s Children/Safe Environment.  The lesson will be done during regular class time.  We will be talking about general safety, bullying, and peer pressure in K-5 and the Edge and Confirmations lesson will be on hazing.

Unfortunately,   in today’s society these are all very prevalent topics.  We are trying to inform the children that it doesn’t just happen in college or high school, or to someone else.  It is becoming wide spread especially as our cities become more populated and diverse.  As always you have the option to not have your child attend.  If you wish to opt out of this program we have forms available at the rectory office or you can download a Declination Form.  However if you opt your child out they will still need to come to class.  They will have a supervised activity instead of this lesson.  After the Circles of Care lesson is over, regular class will resume.

These lessons are mandated by the Diocese as part of their ongoing efforts in Protecting God’s Children.  The Diocese of Manchester, Our Lady of the Holy Rosary and St. Leo are committed to keeping your children safe.  If your child is uncomfortable and needs to leave the lesson, someone will be there to offer prayer, comfort, and support.  If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Robin Langlois at 332-1863 or


For a Parent Declination Form, Click here.

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